How to Change the Data Update Frequency using the Data Manager

  1. In your desired web browser, navigate to,
  2. Log on to GRIP’s Fleet Dashboard with account credentials.
  3. From the Main Menu, select Setup, followed by Data Manager
  4. The Data Manager page allows you to view and set data update frequencies for all zones and vehicles.
  5. To set the frequency or schedule of data uploads:
    1. Vehicle Filter: from the "Vehicle Filter" located on the top right of the page, select the vehicle(s) to apply the new frequency update. All vehicles can be selected or you can select vehicle(s) by zone, by individual vehicle or by fuel type
    2. Update Date: Select the starting date & time for your new frequency update
    3. Update frequency: Select the frequency that your vehicles should update i.e. 1 x Day, 1 x Week. Note: the earliest update which can be scheduled is every 24 hour period.
    4. Apply: Click Apply in order to save your new update frequency. Example: 'Update Date' of Sunday at midnight is chosen along with a 'Update Frequency' of 1 week the selected vehicles will want to update every week on Monday.
  6. Update Now: To force an immediate data update, click the “Update Now” button. Please note, due to communication protocols beyond our control, the immediate update may experience a lag time up to 10 minutes.
  7. Once you have completed your changes in Data Manager, you can exit from Fleet Dashboard by logging off.

Please Note: If you are experiencing any difficulty with the installation of a Windows Application(s), please contact GRIP Customer Support for assistance.