GRIP is turning off the vehicle before AC temperature levels have reached comfortable levels

Outside Temp:  100°F (in some cases, higher)

Operator / User Input:

  1. Before we look at settings, we need to ensure the operator or end-user manually engages the vehicle’s climate control settings to max blower & max AC. Controlling the vents will help redirect airflow. GRIP does not control OEM settings.
  2. We need to ensure the “temperature sensor” is clear of any obstructions.
  3. An open window will prolong GRIP from reaching the temperature set point.


  1. Based on the current settings as in Figure 1 & 2 from the example vehicle, we recommend the following steps;

First Option

    1. Chev Tahoe’s – OEM monitoring of outside temperature – When the GRIP Service Tool is hooked up to the GRIP controller via the data port, under Tab – Real Time Information, we have an outside temperature indicator, recording temp when in drive mode (Figure 3 – Red Arrow) . If we can confirm if this temperature indicator is being recorded and appears to be recording a reasonable outside temperature, you have the option to “Enable” AC Continuous Operation On/Off.
    2. AC Continuous Operation On/Off – Under GRIP’s Service Tool Guide, the following definitions are provided:
      1. A/C Continuous Operation On/Off - This setting will allow the vehicle to stay running for air conditioning when the outside temperature is greater than the ‘A/C Continuous Operation Set Point’ (default is ON).
      2. A/C Continuous Operation Set Point - This setting is the outside temperature in which the system will prevent the engine from shutting down for Max Run Time. This should be set to a degree at which the vehicle's climate system will struggle to cool the cab (default is 35°C/95°F).
    3. To Enable AC Continuous Operation – From tab System Settings 2, from the drop-down menu, select “On” and Apply New Settings”
    4. A/C Continuous Operation Set Point – We recommend setting this temperature at 95 degrees F – The lower the temperature level, the less the savings.

Second Option

If we do not have the outside temperature input being recorded on the GRIP controller, we recommend the following:
  1. Increasing the Max Idle Time from 10 mins to 15 mins. This increases the run time and therefore should provide more time to achieve the temperature.
  2. All other settings should not be adjusted.

Reference Figures

    Figure 1 Figure 2