Frequently Asked Questions

GRIP is turning off the vehicle before AC temperature levels have reached comfortable levels

This solution resolves GRIP turning off before the A/C has reached a comfortable climate level for the operator.

The Solenoid is not working

Getting the Solenoid to work correctly.

The Auxiliary Battery is not being monitored

Getting GRIP to monitor the Auxiliary Battery correctly.

The Auxiliary Heater is not turning on

Troubleshooting and resolving the Auxiliary Heater not turning on issue.

The Communications icon is displayed on the screen

Determining why the Communications Icon is displayed on the Screen.

The Alarm is not functioning

Getting the Alarm to function correctly.

There is a vehicle response delay when turning the key to the 'RUN' position

Determining why there's a response delay when turning the key to 'RUN'.

Downloading new software updates

How to update the GRIP software.

The Service Tool will not connect

Getting the Service Tool to connect to the vehicle.